Welcome to Elpro!

Our business concept

Elpro develops, designs and manufactures automation equipment for Scandinavian industrial companies, as well as systems for infrastructure control.

Thanks to a high level of flexibility, speed and competence, Elpro will fulfil the market’s basic requirements, performance requirements and future desires.


Our Vision

Elpro shall be the leading operator for Scandinavian customers demanding flexibility and speed.

Elpro shall have financial power as a leading Swedish supplier of automation equipment.


Our Values

Flexibility, Speed, Reliability and Environmental awareness.

We are a relatively small and flexible company with a culture characterised by high levels of competence and personal commitment.

This embodies our competitive advantage over the slightly larger operators in the market – when working with us, you speak directly to the person responsible for your production.


Our history

Elpro as a company was founded in 1993, but it was as far back as the 1960s that Carl-Otto Ottoson lay the foundations for the company’s current operations. Elpro remains under the ownership of the Ottoson family, with Eivind Ottoson serving as CEO and his son Jesper Ottoson serving as Design/programming.