Do you need help with the
development or production
of automation systems?

Then you have come  to the right place. By working with us, you gain access to a strong level of expertise and production capacity. Elpro is a specialist in electrical design, programming of PLC and HMI systems as well as electrical and mechanical assembly.

We primarily focus on working with machine builders in the manufacturing industry, infrastructure and energy and the environment with associated consulting operations. Preferably with a focus on sustainability – where we refer both to customers in sustainable energy and partly to develop in a long-term and sustainable way, and that our products must be developed with the best environmental and sustainability perspective.

Our ambition is to have an international level of competitiveness, even though our primary market is Sweden.

Our philosophy: Smart Sustainable Solutions – Together!

That is, we reach out to our customer to create smart, sustainable and customized solutions focusing on the end result itself – the customer benefit.

Montering apparatskåp

Our capacity

  •  In our new production facility, we have large, bright and smart production surfaces for further development.
  •  We have a distinct flow in our manufacturing process, where with automation, line production and continuous improvements we enable a strong capacity of production.
  • Our management system, where each function has a responsible person, gives us control and opportunities to optimize every single process.
  • Continuous work with quality control is our way of securing doing right from the start.
  • We continuously develop our staff through skills-enhancing measures.

Our background

The business is continued with strong owners and with the Ottosson family represented, where Jesper has been CEO since 2020.

Since the beginning of 2020, we have been situated in a brand new production facility at

Elpro i Alingsås Leveranser sker till Tokebackavägen 22 och besökare välkomnas till Tokebackavägen 20. Välkomna!

Our business concept

Elpro develops, designs and manufactures advanced electrical control systems for Swedish and international customers. Elpro has high flexibility, efficiency, competence and sustainable solutions that meet the market requirements and future wishes.

Our vision

Elpro is the first choice when Swedish and international customers demand flexibility, efficiency and sustainable solutions. Elpro has a financial power as a leading Swedish supplier.

Elpro skåpbyggare

Our value words

Flexibility, efficiency, competence and sustainability
We are a strong and flexible company where our culture is characterized by high competence and a great personal commitment. In this very fact, our competitive advantage – with us you talk directly to the person who is responsible for you as our customer.

• Quick adaptation of production.
• Flexible solutions that improve profitability.
• Increased flexibility through work rotation.
• Basic responsibility – specialized knowledge.

• Quick and accurate feedback.
• Effective change.
• Effective support.
• Effective planning that provides good conditions.

• Our level of competence is top notch.
• Continuous updating of the competence takes place to maintain the level in the long term.

• We build long-term sustainable products.
• Our business has an overall sustainability approach.

Guality & environment

Elpro shall have a learning approach that puts sustainability linked to finances in focus with regard to everything within the environment and quality.

ISO 9001 and 14001 (certification in April 2020)
Elpro works actively to meet customer requirements, which means that our operations and products must have world-class durability and quality. With the help of continuous improvements, we work to maintain and strengthen this position.

We work with suppliers who are world leaders and have a future-oriented quality and environmental work.

Our goal is to work with customers who have renewable and sustainable products. We have a systematic review of the sustainability and environmental aspects, which is a way of working in our sales process together with the customers.

The production / factory / we ourselves
• We buy green electricity from Alingsås Energi, an electricity produced from renewable energy sources.
• We have minimized environmentally hazardous chemicals.
• Our new premises are designed according to the latest energy performance.
• The location at E20 enables environmentally friendly logistics.