Elpro in Alingsås AB

From the beginning of the year 2020, we are in brand new premises at Tokebacka Industrial Area. Visitors are welcomed to Tokebackavägen 20 and deliveries are made to Tokebackavägen 22.


Elpro in Alingsås AB

Administration: Tokebackavägen 20
Deliveries: Tokebackavägen 22
441 39 Alingsås, Sweden
Phone: +46 322 66 85 50

The following e-mail addresses apply to each function:

Quotation requests are sent to
Order and Sales questions are sent to
Invoices and invoice questions are sent to
Order confirmations are sent to

If you are looking for a specific person contact us according to the list below:

Thomas Johansson CEO
Jesper OttosonDevelopment, programming and design, Vice President
Henrik KarlssonMarketing and sales
Jonas WohnerowQuality and environment
Phone: 0322-66 85 62
Linus LindgrenDelivery and production
Jens JohanssonPurchasing and logistics
Eivind OttosonProduction preparation
Elpro i Alingsås AB  Administration: Tokebackavägen 20 Leveranser: Tokebackavägen 22 441 39 Alingsås, Sweden Telefon: +46-322-66 85 50

Work with us

Elpro is in a very expansionary phase and we are always open to new contacts.
What we are looking for is mainly electrical designers and programmers. Please contact us at if you are interested.