Elpro’s commitment also includes the programming of control systems for the automation of machinery.

Thanks to our extensive experience and professional curiosity in the latest technology, we feel confident in promising a service at the absolute forefront of the industry.

Elpro is more than happy to assist customers with no specific requirements to choose the right equipment. We work with the strongest brands on the market in both the software and hardware fields, including Siemens, Mitsubishi, Schneider Electric, Omron and many others.

The process

Elpro’s total offering builds on the foundation “design, programming, assembly”. We can also add pre-study/analysis, start-up, documentation and support. The level and scope of assistance we provide is entirely up to the customer. A simplified example of our flow is illustrated below:

  1. Pre-study/needs analysis.
  2. Design department produces drawings.
  3. Acceptance/adjustments from you as customer.
  4. Assembly/manufacture.
  5. Programming – if there is a control system, we also take care of the programming of this.
  6. Installation, start-up and testing – nothing leaves our premises until it has been tested and approved for delivery. If requested, we can also make ourselves available to assist in on site installation.
  7. Documentation – drawings and programme documentation according to applicable standards – compiled and delivered to you as customer.
  8. Support – when required.