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High-Quality Logistics Services

At Elpro, we strive to deliver the best logistics service to our customers. This includes everything from warehousing and delivery monitoring to goods reception and needs calculation.

We manage the entire logistics chain to ensure that goods are always available when needed. Our customers have high demands on delivery times and quality, making it crucial for us to always deliver according to our promises.

Through careful planning and efficient collaboration, we strive to exceed expectations and build long-term relationships based on reliability and high quality. For questions about purchasing and logistics or anything else related to our offerings, please contact us today.

Frequently Asked Questions

What services does Elpro offer? faq_open faq_close

Elpro offers a range of services in industrial automation, including concept and development, design, programming, assembly, installation, and commissioning.

Which industries does Elpro target? faq_open faq_close

Elpro primarily targets machine builders in the manufacturing industry but also serves customers in the marine, offshore, mining, energy, and renewable industries.

How does Elpro ensure the quality of its products? faq_open faq_close

Elpro adheres to strict quality standards and is certified according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. They also conduct continuous monitoring to improve their processes.

Can Elpro help with both complete solutions and specific parts of a project? faq_open faq_close

Yes, Elpro can handle the entire process from concept to operation, but they can also assist with specific parts of a project, depending on customer needs.

What types of projects does Elpro have experience with? faq_open faq_close

Elpro has experience with a variety of projects in industrial automation, including machine construction, process optimization, and energy management, both nationally and internationally.

How can I contact Elpro to discuss a project? faq_open faq_close

You can contact Elpro by phone at +46 322 66 85 50 or by email at sales@elpro.se. We also have a contact form on the website for inquiries.

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