Elpro i Alingsås AB intends to further strengthen the organization and ownership structure and has therefore decided to implement the following changes from 11 August 2020:

The company’s current CEO Thomas Johansson will take over the role of the company’s chairman of the board.

The company’s current vice president Jesper Ottoson takes the step up and takes over the role of the company’s CEO. At the same time, Jesper Ottoson joins as a partner in the company together with the current owner Eivind Ottoson.

The other board members Kenth Johansson and Lars Svennered remain members. This means that the company is now implementing the previously planned generational change and through this organizational change will have a strong operational management and an experienced board that together can lead the company forward.

Thomas Johansson will also remain as an advisor to the company management and to the CEO.

For further information please contact:
Jesper Ottoson 0322-66 85 54 alt Thomas Johansson 070-556 00 68.