Thomas Johansson – new Deputy CEO

January 26, 2018 09:20

In early 2017, Thomas Johansson was appointed new Deputy CEO of Elpro – this is in addition to serving as Chairman, a role he has held since 2016. Thomas has been providing us with operational assistance one day a week over the past year, with a focus on documenting our organisation and developing work process descriptions. This marks the first step in our journey towards achieving ISO 9001 quality management certification. Thomas has also been working with our client contracts.

In 2018, Thomas will be working two days a week to lift some more weight off the shoulders of CEO Eivind Ottoson.

Thomas Johansson is a seasoned businessman and has many years’ experience working as a consultant, CEO and professional board member for several different industrial companies in Sweden and Denmark. In other words, he will be a real asset to Elpro as it enters into a phase of expansion.

Another stalwart in our organisation in 2017 is Kenth Johansson. He too is an accomplished business leader/sales professional who has been making inroads into the market on behalf of Elpro. From a gross list of 200 potential clients, contacts have been established with twenty of them and this, in turn, has resulted in four new prestigious assignments in 2017 alone.

“Kenth has been the door-opener and has booked the meetings with these clients whom we’ve visited together. We need to put the brakes on Kenth a bit now to allow us to keep up with production too,” Eivind says with a laugh.