Elpro and Minalyze AB enter agreement

February 5, 2018 15:22


At the end of January, Elpro signed a three-year contract with the Gothenburg-based company Minalyze AB for the development, production and supply of the company’s complex Minalyzer CS scanner. This instrument is designed to analyse trace elements in drill core samples in the mining industry – something that is revolutionising the entire mining and exploration industry.

Elpro is contributing to the process by providing expertise in developing the instrument during the design and construction phases.

“We are responsible not only for managing the process but also for the production of the whole product. We are particularly delighted that local steel producers will be supplying components,” says Elpro’s CEO, Eivind Ottoson.

Minalyze’s business concept is to develop instruments that provide fast and reliable analyses. The instrument is capable of performing high-resolution chemical analyses and producing 3D models of the samples. Traditionally, trace element samples are taken from the drill core and ground into powder for analysis. Instead, Minalyze uses a non-destructive method and analyses the entire drill core with a mobile instrument. This makes it possible to get results right at the core sampling stage.

The company’s Minalyzer CS is an instrument designed and developed specifically for the Australian mining market, which is in fact the largest producer of iron ore in the world. Australia and Canada are the single largest markets for exploration for other minerals.

“The mining industry in Australia is very extensive and the country is at the forefront of advances in technology. They recognise the huge advantages that our unique product offers. This, coupled with the fact that we have secured major deals with the world’s largest mining company, proves that we are on the right track,” says Annelie Lundström, CEO of Minalyze.

The collaborative relationship with Elpro in Alingsås was established just over a year ago for the special manufacture of a so-called zero series for testing. There are four machines in total. The results of the tests were extremely positive and the idea now is to commence mass production of the instruments. It is too early to tell what this means in pure economic terms,” Eivind Ottoson says.

“The projections point to a need for one or two machines a month, but we’ll leave this unsaid for the time being. It is perfectly obvious, however, that this is an immensely exciting project with massive future potential.

According to Eivind, the product has an exceptionally high level of complexity, which will place exacting demands on the company’s operators. This underscores the fact that the industry’s demand for ever greater expertise from suppliers is becoming increasingly apparent.

“It is therefore imperative that the electrician training provided to high-school students at the Alströmergymnasiet keeps pace with the market. And the best way to do this is by further strengthening relationships with the business community,” Eivind Ottoson adds.

The top photo shows Eivind Ottoson, Thomas Johansson and Minalyze AB’s CEO Annelie Lundström at the signing of the agreement. The bottom photo shows the instrument in its proper environment – in this case, Glencore’s George Fisher mine in the State of Queensland in Australia.